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i-sopod floatation tanks

i-sopod floatation tanks




Launched in 2009, the i-sopod revolutionized the float tank industry with a number of groundbreaking innovations. It was the first float tank to be called a "pod" and to feature an all-white interior, setting a new standard for tank design. The i-sopod also introduced color-changing LED lighting, 1-micron bag filtration for enhanced hygiene, and magnetic drive pumps for quieter operation and greater durability. Furthermore, it pioneered the placement of the pump, filter, and heater outside the pod, simplifying maintenance and repairs. These groundbreaking innovations, once unique to the i-sopod, have now become common features in float tanks from other manufacturers, highlighting the lasting impact of the i-sopod on the industry.

Our CEO, Tim Strudwick, first opened The Floatworks Floatation Centre in London back in 1993. Making i-sopod one of the very few manufacturers with hands-on experience in operating and, more importantly, marketing successful floatation tank centers. Every i-sopod purchase includes a complimentary 40-page marketing document with over 130 tips to ensure the greatest chance of success for those purchasing our pods for commercial use.

Installed in over 50 countries, the pod comes with a 2-year guarantee on all parts, 3 years on the fiberglass surface, and 10 years on the structural integrity.

Discounting available to all FTA Members.


0044 208418 9872 / 646-500-8651

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