Water Quality

To offer a safe and optimal experience for the person having a floatation session at your facility, whether private or public, the FTA Water Quality Committee recommends limiting a person’s exposure to chlorine, chloramines, fluoride and heavy metals.

Informational websites concerned with chloramine and fluoride toxicity:

To accomplish The Best Practices recommendations for water quality, it is necessary to understand your local Water District’s operating formula for water service to your site.

To remove the toxic elements, the water must be again processed by a quality filtration system at the point-of-entry, (where the water first enters the building or business).

This ensures the floatation center facilities will not expose the person during the drinking, showering or floatation experience through the off gassing or emergence in the water.

Following are a few companies that offer adequate filtration systems:

Reverse Osmosis is another option but unfortunately it is not very economical or practical because of the amount of waste water needed with this system for a public site. It is the most thorough as is water distillation system.

Therefore FTA Water Quality Committee recommends using filtration systems to purify the source water for your facility and/or building.

Faustin Bray, Bob Tesch and Richard Daab FTA Water Quality Committee