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About the Committees

The FTA functions through the work of these 6 committees. Each committee takes on different aspects of our work, and they all work together to help the FTA and the float industry thrive. If you have any questions about any of these committees or the work that we do - head on over to the Contact Page. If you want to volunteer your time on a committee or project - click that Get Involved button above!

Membership & Fundraising

The purpose of the Membership & Fundraising committee is to maintain current memberships, and grow our membership base. This committee also maintains our member resources page, and is responsible for managing member satisfaction. 

Content & Education

The mission of the Content & Education committee is to nurture existing membership by developing member resources including webinars/roundtables and best practices, support social media efforts, and develop newsletters.

Research & Medical

The Research & Medical committee gathers research to share in central points and on social media. This committee works with the organizations currently involved in Float Research to share updated findings and studies with which to educate our membership and the public. This committee will also help to create and publish documents that can be shared with physicians and healthcare professionals regarding the scientifically backed benefits of float therapy.

Public Awareness

The Public Awareness committee aims to increase floating throughout the world by developing strategies and information about floating for the public. This could include social media efforts, our website content, and appearances at events.

Manufacturers, Suppliers, & Consultants

The purpose of the Manufacturers & Suppliers committee is to ensure that the most up to date and thorough list of businesses looking to serve the float industry is curated, and maintained. The committee will do its best to establish great relationships with these companies in order to ensure they continue to provide outstanding service to the industry, to foster their growth and to seek sponsorship.

Sanitation & Regulatory Affairs

This FTA committee focuses on keeping the Floatation Tank Standards updated and works on behalf of the industry with regulating bodies such as NSF, CDC, CMAHC, and the Department of Health. This committee is also responsible for the Microbiology Project.

Ready to Dive in?

Our committees are always looking for help either as members of the committees or with special projects. Committees meet about once a month - we just ask for 2-3 hours per month!

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