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What is Float Therapy?

  • Awareness
    The FTA takes a multi-faceted approach to exposure for the float industry as a whole. We rely on our volunteers and committee members to help us speak on podcasts, attend other health and wellness events, enhance our website presence, maintain social media accounts, and find sponsorship opportunities. When you join the FTA, you help to spread our message, and gain access to tools to help spread the word in your community.
  • Resources & Best Practices
    Running a float spa requires a unique set of skills. As this industry grows in awareness, it’s vital that every guest at every float center has an incredible experience. Referrals, testimonials, and positive reviews push our industry exposure forward. In order to maintain a high standard of excellence, the FTA provides guidelines, resources, and discussions on how to excel in every category. This includes sanitation, disinfection, working with health departments, customer service, tank maintenance, and so much more! In addition to helping develop and maintain best practices, the FTA strives to share information from various other organizations in the industry. The FTA also shares lists of relevant manufacturers, suppliers, and consultants - all connections that float center owners need!
  • Community
    The FTA strives to connect float center owners, consultants, manufacturers, suppliers, and enthusiasts by providing regular webinars and roundtables, offering an online presence, and convening annually at the Float Conference.
  • Research
    FTA members have access to a cohesive collection of recent research study results. The FTA is also working to support and further research studies around the world, including those about the benefits. The FTA is also working on a community-led Microbiology Project, which will be used to support regulation best practices, etc.
  • Support
    The FTA is an association developed for the float industry, by the float industry. Our Board and support team is made up of float center owners and other experts. We’re here to help you succeed.
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