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More Floats




We are a full-service marketing agency exclusive to float centers that has crafted a unique model over the years to cover all your marketing, provide expert advice, and set up proven systems to elevate your float center and the whole industry. For nearly a decade, we've focused on developing the best ways to educate people on the transformative benefits of floating, how to best sell them from their first float into membership, and the best marketing systems to automate and boost your ROI by improving your retention, so people build float practices and get even more benefits! Visit our website to see our case studies and learn more about the benefits of becoming a partner with your existing float center. If you're launching a new float center, we'll set you up with our Launch Plan to get you at least 100 members, signed up and paid, before you open your doors.

Any members of the FTA will receive $500 USD off your initial set-up fee when joining as a partner.


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