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New England Float Partners

New England Float Partners




After learning so many things the slow and difficult way on our own and realizing the value of that knowledge and how it can benefit others we started New England Float Partners shortly after opening Float Harder Relaxation Center in 2016. Growing organically (we haven't even replaced most of the stock content on our website, ha ha ha) since inception we have worked with individuals, businesses and some of the best sports teams on the planet to add float tanks to their facilities and lives. With an eye for detail and a focus on good operating systems New England Float Partners can help you from the initial planning phase to setting up your float tanks, to giving the first float tour in your facility to helping network locally and grow your very own float community. Get in touch. Let us know where you are at in your float journey and we can work together to see how we can make your float dreams a reality quicker and better together.

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