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Floataway Int'l Limited

Floataway Int'l Limited




Floataway evolved as a manufacturing business from Colin Stanwell-Smith's previous business as new product designer and inventor. The first model, the Tranquility pod, with motorised door, colours and all technology within the footprint, was the first product and is still in production.

Gini Stanwell-Smith handles sales and administration, while Toby Stanwell-Smith, gold medallist designer from Brunel University, runs the factory and now designs the products.

The Floataway range evolved directly from customer market demand and soon we were making cabins and round pools. We pioneered couple floating in 2005 which has proved to be hugely successful commercially.

Sales soon expanded into Europe and then the USA and Canada, plus the middle East, Africa and Asia. This meant adapting to regulations, a task which continues to this day!

The research results from LIBR showed that floating particularly benefits anxious people and so we have been developing clinical use facilities.

Our website is also evolving at

We are developing a discount offer for FTA members. This is based on our existing "Center of Excellence" offer which has a substantial discount in exchange for an agreed access for our new customers to try floating. More details by email to


0044 7766903391

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