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Float Room Signage

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

We get it. You're doing everything you possibly can to make your guests feel comfortable and prepared for a float. Retaining all of the information from an orientation or walk-through can be difficult. Whether it's their first float or their 10th, you worry they may miss a step or forget important reminders.

Many float centers provide simple, in-room information about what to expect during and after a float. A visual reminder can make a huge difference in making sure your guests have the best possible experience every time they float.

Here are some examples of in-room signage to help you create your own:

Want to share your design? Please email it to us at, and we will add it to the examples!

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Here's one I created and have shared with others to use as a template on Canva:

Jocelyn Jester
Jocelyn Jester

Cool! Thanks, Kim!

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