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PQN Audio

PQN Audio




PQN Enterprises, Inc / PQN Audio is dedicated to bringing innovative great sound to your Float experience. PQN Audio speakers & transducers are designed for optimum performance in support of your company's project development needs. Our Special Performance Audio (SPA) waterproof speakers speakers provide quality engineered audio products designed for years of trouble free quality audio performance.

PQN is home to the SpaBEX and SpaTFX premium waterproof audio transducers - the new industry standards for quality audio transducers. New to our transducer family is the waterproof SpaTA4. Designed to replace the original SpaT product, the spaTA4 is economical while providing greatly improved audio output.

PQN's exclusive Spa15, Spa24 and Spa34CX waterproof speakers offer single hole installation with its threaded body thru-wall design. Simply cut a single mounting hole and attach with a full sized rear nut. PQN speakers can fit as no speakers have fit before while providing audio performance unmatched in compact designs!

While the PQN Audio passion may have started with a kid from the Adirondacks, a 9V transistor radio & a 12" TV console speaker, PQN Audio has grown to an international supplier of innovative audio products. Passion is key to PQN.

PQN Audio offers full International OEM support as well as private labeling service.

20% Discount to FTA Float Center Members



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