Mission Statement

  • To raise awareness of the bountiful benefits of floating
  • Promote standards that are sensible, supportive and reasonable for floating
  • Sponsor research
  • An organization that promotes individuality flourishing in groups, mimicking the nature of the floating experience

FTA is a home for floaters, floatologists, centers, researchers, and tank manufacturers seeking to expand and refine float consciousness.

Float Conference

Join FTA at the Portland Float Conference on August 19-20- 21, 2016. FTA membership supports sanitation research and float center standards.

FTA Board members are experts in the field of floatation. FTA is offering workshops as well as major speakers at this conference. Become a member to support and protect our efforts to support …. To educate floatation tank industry.


Recovery from Chronic Pain and/or Anxiety

Workshops: Friday August 19, 2016
Organized by Tom Fine
Tom FineMany people who float are drawn to the tank based on its potential as a healing tool. Chronic Pain and anxiety are common symptoms in modern life, and floating has been shown in several studies to have positive effects on these symptoms. This workshop will explore the basic concepts underlying current behavioral approaches to chronic pain and anxiety and outline a framework for understanding the float experience’s role in recovery. The workshop will also discuss how float center operators can provide resources for persons who are utilizing the tank in self-directed recovery from chronic pain and anxiety disorders. Tom Fine is one of the seminal researchers in floatation, and has been using float tanks in his clinical practice for several decades.


Float Sanitation Workshop 5:00pm – 7:00pm

Organized by the Floatation Tank Association

Shoshana LeibnerJason MacDonaldThe science and regulations behind floatation tanks is a dynamic and important topic for every float center. It can be a complicated world, and information is often still in development. Join Shoshana Leibner (owner of Float Dreams and FTA board member) and Jason MacDonald (a health regulator from Canada) to learn the most up to date information on float sanitation, and help develop the path forward for the float industry.


How to Move the Tank Experience More into Our Lives

Conference Speakers: Sunday August 21, 2016
by Glenn Perry and Lee Perry

Lee PerryGlenn PerryGlenn and Lee Perry, mentored by Dr John C. Lilly, developed the first ever commercial float tank, the Samadhi tank.
In their 44 years of floating, they have often contemplated what the tank experience is to them. They will share their most recent thoughts about this and explore how this experience can be moved more into your life.