The Floatation Tank Association

has been serving the worldwide floating community since 1981.

We are dedicated to serving the interests of float center operators, floatation tank manufacturers, educators, consultants and the floating public by creating standards and best practices that promote health, safety, sanitation and the consistent dissemination of accurate knowledge and information about floating.

The FTA supports ongoing research into the many benefits of floating and offers centers and manufacturers opportunities to contribute to the knowledge base.

Mission Statement

  • To raise awareness of the bountiful benefits of floating
  • Promote standards that are sensible, supportive and reasonable for floating
  • Sponsor research
  • An organization that promotes individuality flourishing in groups, mimicking the nature of the floating experience

FTA is a home for floaters, floatologists, centers, researchers, and tank manufacturers seeking to expand and refine float consciousness.

FTA’s Plans for the Future

This is going to be another exciting year, and we have some plans to get create some helpful materials the push forward float sanitation.

  1. Facilitate research on H 2 O 2 , UV, and Ozone in an Epsom salt solution. Gathering data is going to be one of the big steps towards answering the questions both the industry and the health regulators have about float sanitation. We’ll be attempting to gather this data both through having centers around the world send in their independent lab tests, and through helping facilitate more formal research studies on the float water.
  2. Work with your Health Department. Working through the health department process can be challenging, especially when you’re the first person in your area to open a float center. With the knowledgeable team we have here at the FTA, we can work directly with your health department to answer the questions they have, and help you focus on getting your center open.
  3. Update the 2012 US Float Standard. The US Float Standard has been helpful in educating health departments and in providing a guideline for float centers to run a safe and clean facility. A lot of new information has been gathered in the last four years, and we’re planning on updating the Float Standard to reflect the most current knowledge on float sanitation.

Existing Materials

Below are the current materials that we know to exist on float sanitation. If there are other useful documents that you see missing here, please email them to us at fta@floatation.org.

  1. CURRENT North American Float Tank Standard
  2. Risk Assessment on Floating from Public Health Ontario
  3. Summary from the 2015 Float Sanitation Workshop
  4. Summary from the 2016 Float Sanitation Workshop


Getting Involved

Many have asked how to get involved in the FTA. We plan on starting to hold regular  meetings and organizing tasks groups in the coming year. If you’d like to become involved in the meetings and begin helping out, email fta@floatation.org.

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